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Apple pie

I just looked at my watch and thought it is time for some fun
So I decided that today I was going to invite everyone

Well come on in and join in the fun today for even awhile
I am sure that these delightful treats will begin to make you smile

Hey I have an idea, why don't you help us to make an apple pie
With plenty of whipped cream toppings piled on the plate so high

Okay go grab an aporn and lets join in with Ms Fluffy Bear today
Now I am positive that we will find alot of fun along the way

Okay now what we have to do is mix in the ingredients so sweet
Now let me tell you this is going to be such a delightly sweet treat

Mixing the flour and all the ingredients in the bowl mixing it so well
I see you smiling and are enjoying making this, it is easy to always tell

Okay now that we have all the igredients in and made the batter
You are making me laugh now when you giggle like the mad hatter

Ok now we have to put it in the oven and it will be ready pretty soon
Hey come on, lets set the table for everyone it is lunchtime since it is noon

Lets ask our poets and friends to come join in and have a bite to eat
That apple pie with white frosting sure looks so delicous and so sweet

I think that the apple pie and cake with be ready in a second or two
So come on my friends and join us, and bring a friend or maybe a few

There is plenty of coffee/tea, soft drinks or whatever today you chose
Oh wonderful my friend I see you brought along your dancing shoes

Bon Apetit

By Starlight1

© 2010 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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