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Mind Games

Purely a write, not a reality for me

It's all but smoke and mirrors
Still the shadows cross my mind
What lurks beneath the surface
Not a fraction, I can find

When answers searched left unremained
To strangers in the night
And smaller still the dreams they grew
Til last they fade from sight

Was it voices heard within my mind
Or did I truly hear them speak
Has something less gone quite amiss
Or is my conscience weak

Too many souls they grab a piece
Til all but none is kept
And what am I but dust of bygones
When last there's nothing left

It's a battle that has crossed me once
But twice it could not be
For after first they stole my life
Not much was left for me

There but left is little
As she slowly turns to ice
Only warmed by knowledge that
One heart can never break but twice

By brown_linda

© 2010 brown_linda (All rights reserved)


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