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A Satori of Weal


Reality nestled beneath my eyes

As a new day plundered my room

Awakened by the dream of lost dreamers

A repetitive dream heavily ensconced

In arrangements of the mind

Abandoned cars and lost souls wandering

All searching for what once was there

Friends fade in and out like a weak

Radio signal that bounces from mountain

To mountain

Temporary thoughts that meander

Through the dream of an cavernous symphony

Each performer a glance into an

Unfulfilled category

Categorically seeking validation

Yet each soul is adrift between realities

And the fantasy of empty promises

Don’t I remember you from the last dream?

Were you the one that stole my car?

Were you the one that broke my heart,

in the restuarant of drifting spirits?

I wandered forever in search of my

Personality, and found that a new morning

Had broken the spell

It crept upon fluttering lashes and kissed

My face with the dawn of realization-

That this day

I am alive and filled with His spirit

And I am thankful that He is in

My life

And the empty cars of midnight

Shall remain until the owners find their soul

I found mine in a dream

Happy Thanksgiving Starliters

By Bubby

© 2010 Bubby (All rights reserved)


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