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I lived a simple life
Surrounded by life’s strife
Tried to be a blessing to others
For I knew love would work wonders.

But life has many uncertainties
That separate realities from fantasies
One day I came to know, reality truly hurts
That it can break even the strongest heart.

Against all odds and challenges I stood tall
Maintained sturdiness and took control
Ignored the shouts of my heart each day
Echoing bitterness for freedom I so long to play.

I longed to be the real me
No fears, no inhibitions, just simple and free
But my fears to face reality ate my being
And so to be a happy me I kept pretending.

I cannot hope for acceptance
So I prayed hard for deliverance
Until you came to give me freedom
So I can truly be free in HIS kingdom.

I am now free as a butterfly
Free to fly under a sunny sky
And if one day we shall meet again
I can be the real me. That, I am certain.

This poem speaks of my best friend who
went ahead to join our heavenly Father.
This is for you best friend.

emilou g:)emotions in words
December 3, 2010

By emilou

© 2010 emilou (All rights reserved)


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