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They said it was a miracle I believe it to be true
On a cold rainy night that miracle came through,
I was squatting in an old house with my baby two months old
It was the third week of December and it was fearful cold.

No heating, no food, my baby wrapped in a shawl
The rain pelted against the window, she lay asleep on the floor,
My tears flowed like the rain what was I going to do?
I had no friends in this desolate filthy place, none that were new.

Bloody Christmas, I could manage if I was on my own
I could have given her away but I'm not made of stone,
Just to think of such a thing made me weep even more
I needed nappies and milk otherwise she would die for sure.

I felt pretty weak, I had not eaten for a number of days
I prayed I wouldn't pass out I walked round in a haze,
I needed some drugs, the withdrawal was kicking in
The pains and the sweating I knew I couldn't win.

As I looked out of the window there stood a big oak tree
The Sally Army were gathered there pointing up at me,
I took it they were singing carols but couldn't quite hear
As I walked away from the window this bright light did appear.

It was so bright I had to put my hands over my eyes
There was music and voices I tell you know lies,
I thought I was going out of my head
Then a voice came through the bright lights and said,

'Have no fear my dear child we're here for you
It is the season of goodwill for baby and you too.'
Then the room went quite dark and they were gone
But I ccould still hear the sound of music and song.

I had to rub my eyes they had left presents on the floor
Food for baby Zoe, a pushchair and loads more,
I went to the window there was no-one in sight
Except for the creaking of the tree by street light.

I mean I had prayed for a miracle and admit I was confused
They had even left some money so I could get rid of the blues,
I changed baby Zoe and fed her and wrapped her up nice
And cuddled her in my arms like the angels had just emb raced us twice.

The look and the smile from her cute little face
As if she knew all along that a miracle had just taken place,
I don't know if you believe in miracles and I weep as I write
Because I know one thing, the lord god saved me and Zoe that night.

Every Christmas we sit in the window light candles and pray
That the lord god will watch over the needy day by day,
Dear lord give them all the strength food and shelter too
Beause they can change their lives for the good if only they believe in you.

By listener

© 2010 listener (All rights reserved)


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