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the dichotomy


To leak
Or not
To leak
That is the question of today
Yet, what is in a partial truth?
Is it eternal or contention?
A product of nomos,
Or an ounce of cure for prevention?

We search for aphorisms
And declare that some thing’s bear truth
While the oligarchy rants in unison
And cleaves to my back booth
Pressing me to respond

We plead for truth and are indulged
With lies.
One upon the other, until the truth is buried
Beyond recognition

We are tethered to the lies as
The acidulous tongue repeats then retreats
Leaving a stage of cruelty in cultural politics
Speak nice or forever hold thy tongue
For the angels record your words
And shattering interludes will
Demand your council

Like the pronghorns on the prairie
You will scatter in different directions
Until your name is called
And the elegy has begun

Your emphasis is listing and tilting
May your Godly armor protect you
When the pleasantly plump lady sings
For it will be
It will be


By Bubby

© 2010 Bubby (All rights reserved)


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