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A soul within a soul
He was Day
She was Night
They shared the same sky
And tinged its canvas with their souls
So that all below could behold
The cosmic love story begun
By the affection of the sun for the moon

He is handsome and shining
Burning with the golden lite of life
The warm radiance of spring is in his caress
The glory of setting and rising suns
Beheld in the horizons of his eyes

She is beautiful beyond beauty
Splendid and mysterious as the
Silvery pearl face of full moon nights
Her eyes are living jewels of sapphire fire
The color of a stars dream

Their love is stronger than time
Time itself began when they first
Glanced upon one another
And the seasons awoke and obeyed
The voices of their king and queen
Waking and sleeping , working and dreaming
The cycles of existence and meaning

He was Sun
She was Moon
A soul within a soul
A mystery beyond the confines
Of evolution and meaning

By misunderstood1

© 2010 misunderstood1 (All rights reserved)


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