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Hope is for the New Year
Hope is for peace around the world
To seek and be fulfilled,
Hope is for the calmness
For strength of mind and be strong willed.

Each to love his brother and sister
To embrace in harmony and race,
To share the beauty of mother nature
To understand the look in a child's face.

For the world is too much at war
In unhappiness, unforgiving and blood,
We should say a prayer for the weak
The little children starving in mud.

The homeless on every street corner
The old and frail of humanity,
Who fought for our freedom
Those that are losing their sanity.

Hope is for the unity of peace in our time
Hope is for the soldiers that protect our shore,
Hope in this New Year is for love
And that our children will find love, not war.

Little children so innocent meek and mild
May you know peace, joy and cheer,
Rainbow smiles for all the world to see
Instead of a world of darkness and fear.

By listener

© 2010 listener (All rights reserved)


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