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This New Year ______
This is a New Year so let's change things in our life
Let's stop abuse to children, and to girlfriends/wife’s
Let’s stop the gossiped that goes round every day
Don't always repeat what someone might say
Stop lying stop cheating stops living in sin
Open your hearts welcome Jesus in
Go to church on Sundays to learn of Jesus above
To hear how Jesus forgives us all and how he sends his love
Don't pretend to be friends then do your friend wrong
When things gets bad turn to Jesus to hold on
Also this New Year
Turn to Jesus with your joy not just your fears
Don't steal don't take another’s
Love each other as a sister and brother
Don't break the 10 Commandments live by the rules of Jesus above
Share the story of Jesus love
Stop the abuse, the killings the lies
Let’s put more tears of joy in each others eyes
For each other let's pray
Let's try to do good each new day
Let’s spread around the world this New Year two thousand and eleven
Let’s help ones that are lost to turn to Jesus above in heaven.

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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