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word's worth
would not my words inspire, but rather incite
inspiration's too ephemeral - a transient mist
some darkness isn't dispelled by merely a light
it's evils must be met with force of a fist!

no more soft words about love, or nature and such
when treasons against the people must be undone
nor poetry or prose intended to touch
the heart and soul suffice, 'til battles are won!

rise up! rise up from your slumbers, take to the street!
let not the crumbs from the master's table content.
in lands where civilisation first rose to its feet
the people are leading the way! the message is sent!

oppressors everywhere, beware, mark these days!
your time to keep the masses down is gone.
like as a spark will spread becoming a blaze
the will for freedom and truth has born a new dawn!

By moon spirit

© 2011 moon spirit (All rights reserved)


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