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Journey of the Spirit

The creative spirit within us is so often hard to find, flowing deep within us, between the expanse of heart and mind. It is with us in our youth, we know it as a child, it comforts us with dreams, it helps to keep our spirit mild.

Then as we grow and begin to learn the things life has to teach, the creative spirit for many seems further from their reach. You may realize some morning, or perhaps in the dead of night, the childhood companion within you has long since taken flight.

Should you choose to pursue it, upon this quest impart, remember that to find it may take a journey through your heart. While the mind is often filled, with thoughts of good and bad. In our hearts we do perceive, what makes us happy and makes us sad.

The creative spirit within you, has journeyed near and far. Your entire span of existence, it has seen you for who you are.

So be careful on this journey, should this quest you choose to dare. Choose wisely and with caution,
just what you want your spirit to share. Protect yourself from danger, keep beauty in your mind. Then on this journey through your heart, perhaps peace is what you'll find.

Renew the friendship long since past, the spirit of your youth.
Then open the doorway to your heart and create in joy with truth.

The Letter J

By jvaughan

© 2011 jvaughan (All rights reserved)


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