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Prayers For Bonnie(missmarry's sister)
Dear Lord please be with Bonnie Missmarry's sister, missmarry is my mom at starlite
Dear Lord Bonnie needs some angel love angel light
Bonnie's leg will be amputated Monday
Extra prayers for her I pray
Dear Lord be with her guide the Dr.s through
As for Bonnie I turn to you
Missmarry is one of my moms at the starlite cafe
Dear Lord please be with her sister on Monday
Be with missmarry my starlite mom to
Dear Lord please helps her sister through
I send extra prayers today
For Bonnie as I pray
Bonnie is special to her family
Dear Lord please help her through this surgery.

(This is for Bonnie-Missmarrys sister.
Missmarry is one of my starlite moms so mom
If you get this poem I’m sorry my email don’t get to you
But I do think of you often and pray,hugs mary)

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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