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As I walk along the street
I have to put on my shades of black,
For the sun can hurt my eyes
And bring on a sneezing attack.

That doesn't stop me from seeing
The beauty that engulfs me day by day,
Amazing sights and wonders of this world
To fill me with elation no matter where I stray.

I see to cross the road I see to drive my car
I see the beauty in a cheeky face,
That smile so full of love
When he has won the school race.

The beauty in a baby's face so pure
The spring flowers so profound,
The singing of the birds
An absolutely beautiful sound.

I close my eyes and listen to the river
I try to imagine being totally blind,
To find my way in total darkness
Reaching out for something to find.

I'm choked up with tearful emotion
To think how selfish this world has become,
People moaning and groaning all the time
Because their neighbour is richer than some.

They're the ones that should thank God
They can see everything nice and clear,
Try closing your eyes for a minute
And try to imagine not being able to see or hear.

By listener

© 2011 listener (All rights reserved)


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