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Real Men Don't Rape.

She was young only sixteen
To afraid to scream

As her thoughts go way back when
As she though he was her boyfriend

He took her to meet his grandpa
But when they got to his place no one was there at all

He said his grandpa would be home soon and they started to kiss
So quick the night made a wrong twist

He turned into a monster as he started pulling her clothes of her
She cried no stop please no as she tried to get up get to the door.

He held her down and raped her that night
Her innocent was took from her as she felt like a candle burning with a dim light

He said shut-up and held her down as he had his fun then took her home
She felt so afraid so alone

He warned her not to tell
She knew to keep his secret hidden well

She felt so dirty and like a slow burning candle
She didn't know how this she could handle

Men who rape are not men they are monsters as she cries rape no more
In her mind she still can see the monster that raped her

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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