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Chapter 29 ~ Sugar Shack

By ღ The Gold Pen Ghost ღ

© 2018 ღ The Gold Pen Ghost ღ (All rights reserved)


To The Sugar Shack
Happy Birthday Ray
Chapter 29

We Welcome Yawl
so come right on in
This is The Sugar Shack
So let the fun begin

This day marks the birth
of so VERY long ago
For a very special friend
our number one beau.

His heart is of gold
his wit you can't match
We never know what's next
when his pen he does fetch

We got Sam serving up drinks
Kim is the singing star
Hersh playing the sax
and Angelic Darkness playing the guitar

Helena shows up
Looking Pretty as can be
Dressed in pink
for Rays Birthday Party

With his six shooter
strapped to his side
Dagonut came on in
With his big smile and slo stride

The party is in full swing
when in walks the Sugars Three
Dressed in sweet pink
and skirts way beyond their knee

Finally the man arrives
with excuses from hell
something about having to wait
because of no DSL

We thought it was because
he was just getting so old
but out loud we would not say
Now would we be so bold???

This man is the best
he gives laughter and love to all
We could not let this day pass
with out this Birthday Call

So to you our dear friend
Please enjoy your day
No one deserves more
in our hearts you will stay.

Ray ! ! !
What is your hand doing
in back of Mz. 'B' ???
Behave Yourself
NOT !!!

Thinking that his mojo
fell in a crack
Ray got it back
in a sweet little snack

Sam Dickens

Ray, You have a big kind heart
and you are sweet You touch everyones hearts
with your writes Some of Funny, some are sincere
I am so glad you are one of my freinds on here.

Redneck Angel

Shall it be a scotch, whiskey or beer?
After all it's a party right here.
Drink up, flirt, carouse.
She may take off her blouse.
And share with you her good cheer.

Shall it be a scotch, beer or whiskey?
Perhaps the night will get more frisky.
Drink up, carouse, flirt.
She may lift up her skirt.
Just be sure it's no kilt and not on me!

Happy Birthday Ray

Your poems put a smile on my face,
with always your good grace.

Happy Birthday Ray
Angelic Darkness

Happy Birthday to my friend
Ray I wouldnt miss this
chance to say hi, for all the coffee in Brazil!
I have baked my famous scones especially for
one of Writers Cafes favorite sons!

Lets turn up the music,
strike up the band... let it rip
I have on my bestest party dress!
Ill blow up all the pretty balloons
although I might get quite breathless
but for you I would gladly
become quite reckless!

Happy Birthday Ray

We have had so much fun
planning your Birthday Bash
Dagonut wanted it to be
at The Hoochie Mamma
But we finally decided
it just had to be the Sugar Shack

Sam sure knows
how to pour a mean drink
Kim is now weaving
and trying straight to think
Give that girl a couple of beers
and she can sure sing
Hersh and Angelic rocking out,
the parties now in full swing

Did someone mention old?
Well, that couldn't have been me.
I think a few years your senior
I find myself to be. LOL

Sit back Ray,
relax, and enjoy your day
It has been so much fun
to again come out and play

You know what happens though
Just after we are easy on you?
Oh sweetie ...... Be afraid
We may be Sugar now
But our friend
you aint got a clue.


Happiest of Birthday's Ray my friend
Now you got a party to finish
and Diana's right here
I raise my mug to you
in a great big birthday cheer.

Hey how you like our pink heals? LOL

Hugs and Love Ray
Sugar Lesa

Ray what can I say
you are the man always with the plan

Ray I feel truly blessed to have you in my life
you are a wonderful friend and I know you will
until time is at its end. I really enjoy your writing
and your never ending sense of humor
You make me laugh and cry and
that's a good thing.
I wish you a great birthday
happiness love joy and peace
for you are truly one of a kind my friend
and deserve all things good

Love You my friend
Sugar Diana

Well Welcome Friends
to our Sugar Shack
Just one visit
and you'll be back

There is always
laughter and fun
and we keep ole Ray
always on the run

Speaking of Ole Ray
He is the reason for this party
Its his birthday
So its time party hardy

This guy is the best
and such a blessing to us all
How the Angels must have smiled
When from heaven he did fall

My heart he touches
each and every day
The friendship shared
will forever stay

So my dear friend
This party was just for you
We love you so much
our number one beau

Happy Birthday Ray
I Love U Bunches
Sugar 'D'

December 30, 2008

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Want to read similar poems? This Poem is part of a Linked Poetry Group: The Dueling Poets

Want to read similar poems? This Poem is part of a Linked Poetry Group: The Dueling Poets
Want to read similar poems? This Poem is part of a Linked Poetry Group: The Dueling Poets

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