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I found a good tall tree; with wood strong and true
After many hits with my ax---it was cut through
It was a cross---I had to hough
Needed for the morrow---I worked the day and night too

I went to the place of refuge outside the city wall
There I erected the standard straight and tall
Then the standard spoke---I must hold the savior of us all
For this I was born---and for this I was shaped by ax and awl

Midst stench and spoil piled all around with flies swarming in the air
It did seem a shame for any one to die here----without someone to care
The soldiers will lead the accused--and the crowd will jeer and stare
Three will die this day---one a savior, born our sins to wear

A story to be told to everyone---so all could believe and live
A story to be told to everyone---so all who believed would never die
A story to be told to everyone---so he who died---did not die in vain
A story to be told to everyone---so all who believed--with Him could reign

The standard straight and tall saw something that gives joy to us all
The tomb in which was laid the savior---was shaken just before dawn
The stone rolled away leaving wide the tomb where the savior lay
The savior rose and walked away--He that was dead was now alive

Alive to show He rose from the dead
Alive to show the disciples He led
Alive to show the resurrection of the dead
Alive to show all ages they too could rise from the dead

Yes the standard straight and true that held the one who died
That felt the thirst and pain when our Lord was crucified
And held some blood that dripped down toward the ground
And felt the tremors that rolled away the stone

That same standard carried the cross that held Christ that day
The heaviest load ever carried before or sense
Challenges you to carry your cross so that others might believe and live
What a glory that will be when all believers gather around that straight tall tree


Father Goose-----using his inspirational pen---hopes you will be resurrected with Christ

By Father Goose

© 2011 Father Goose (All rights reserved)


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