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Never Mind
Our hearts are empty as we march like ants through
the faded emptiness of our orders. Weary with the

speeches and flags, we focus our collective attention
on the uniforms we will be required to murder.

Of course, we call this a just war and so in this train
of propaganda we do the right thing for our piece

of dirt. Never mind the children we will kill.
Never mind the women we will be compelled

to rape to show how God is on our side.
Our dreams have been stashed away behind the

similar clothes we are required to use as identification.
We have been trained not to think, but instead to

propel ourselves under the directions of our superiors.
We never seem to arrive from our marching, for we

are forever walking towards some new enemy. Never
mind the colour of the skin or the stench of the fires

we leave behind as we parade our victories across
the newspaper headlines. Never mind the questions

we might have asked had we not been afraid to
hear the answers.Our eyes only see the distance we are

required to travel. The pressing flights of bullets we survive
only hardens our ears to the sound of fragile bones crushing

under our feet as we move forward. The endless same-ness
of our songs never fails to impress us with the urgency

of our collective mission. We have listened to brilliant
cowards who send other men to die for their causes.

We only know that war is a justification for the
failures of our politicians. Never mind the places

we will destroy. Never mind the flags we will trample
into the ground like pieces of illusions shattered.

Our victories and our defeats merge into one constant
sense of resistance. We mouth the lies of hate which we

have been drilled into our mass intelligence. We carry
in our pockets the various symbols of our religions. These

will protect us from the death offered to us by those
who would dare oppose our invasion. For those of us

who might be afraid, we are convinced that our fears
are a sign of weakness. Never mind the words of

our gods written in our religious books. Never mind
those who carry signs with words written on them

that we have been too brainwashed to read. Many of
us will die. Many of us will wish we had died.

Many of us will survive to join another invasion;
another police action; another bloodbath protected

by our governments. Never mind the gardens we will
smash into the dirt. Never mind the emptiness we will

be required to aspire to. Never mind emptiness that
will fill our hearts as we kill and kill again. We are

brave for we are the drones that have been educated
into the politics of war. Never mind our souls.

By Chris G Vaillancourt

© 2011 Chris G Vaillancourt (All rights reserved)


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