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I Want To Taste God
I want to hear God -
the raucous laughter,
the stutter of creation,
the whisper of tender words,
but I hear only the sheer sound of silence.

I want to see God -
the face of mercy,
the feet of justice,
the hands of compassion.
but I see only void.

I want to taste God -
the sweet honeyed word,
the tanginess of truth,
the smooth breath of wisdom,
but I taste nothing.

I want to feel God -
The embrace of fieriness,
the caress of lovemaking,
the rough feel of desire,
but I feel only emptiness.

In the end I have only
the sheer sound of silence,
the pregnant void,
the taste of nothingness,
the feel of emptiness.

In the end I have only God.

By Chris G Vaillancourt

© 2011 Chris G Vaillancourt (All rights reserved)


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