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In This Day....
I stand, facing my own reflection
Upon the still waters of the pond
I see the clouds image, drifting
Across the waters smoothness

Slowly disappearing onto ponds earthen edge
A breeze gently blows,
Creating ripples that ebb to all sides
Until stillness once more

Shows my face to me
I just stand upon the edge
Gazing in at myself
Stooping down, I look closer

Reaching out with my fingers
To touch the waters glare of my face
Wetness feels as I reach in
Wiggling my fingers

Making waves, erasing
What it is I see
My shattered image floats away
Upon the ripples edges

Until I am no more
Murky muddy water
Drifts to the surface
Replacing who I was

In mirrored image
Upon the still waters
Of the pond,
In this day

By Soft Walker

© 2018 Soft Walker (All rights reserved)


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