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Stepping Beyond The Picture ... Children

By Aspiring Angel

© 2018 Aspiring Angel (All rights reserved)


Oh Teddy!
Teddy just look!!

This is our home now Teddy
It's really really home!

Teddy are we really over the rainbow
Is all of this really happening

This just HAS to be as it seems
Oh Teddy please .... It HAS to be

Or ....
Are we like Dorothy
In the land of Oz

Will we wake up
To find all this only
A beautiful dream

Will the picture of our lives
Return as it always has been

A yellow brick road to smiles
Do you know
How good that seems

No more secrets
I have to swear not to tell

No more silent screams

Just look Teddy
How beautiful home is inside

Not even once today
Was I told
If you touch ...
I'll tan your hide!

My new Mommy
Combed my hair real pretty
And then she said to me

You are the prettiest angel
That I have ever seen

Me Teddy? ... Me!

Then she hugged me

She told me
That Mommy
Can't find us here

I could never understand
Why she would grab
And pull my hair

I tried to be a real good girl
Cause I was always so askared
But no matter how hard I tried
I was always a bad girl there

If I did not do what Mom said
She threatend me
With tearing off your head!

Teddy I was glad
To take the beatings
To keep you safe in our bed

You have always been right here by me
Your fur wet from falling tears
I can't remember a day I haven't cried
Except for the day we've just spent here

And now ...

You will share with me the bestest smiles
That our angels have found a way
To make for us come alive

Dad won't be paying any more visits
in the quiet of the night

No more listening for his footsteps

No more guilty feelings
Of no matter what Dad says
There is something that is not right

A new Mommy and Daddy
Hugs and kisses all around!

Our Dear Jesus
Did just as he promised
We who were lost in fear
Have now been found

No ... Teddy
We have found our rainbow
I just know it

My heart feels so different now!

Jennel I told you only a minute
Better come inside now sweetie

Mommy has made some hot chocolate
and before you go to bed we just got
to top it off with lots and lots
of marhmellows!

What's hot chocolate?
(Oh my precious baby ... my precious baby)

My lap is still waiting for my favorite girl
And you still need to pick your story to be read
Your bed is waiting for your first night home
To rest your pretty head

Better get your sleep Princess
Cause when the morning comes
Grandma will be paying a visit

She just can't wait to get her first hugs
Not one more second precious little one
It will be another very busy day
You got to rest up for some more fun

Come on now scamp
Your holding up progress
Its time for
Our goodnight prayers to be sung

Oh my Teddy
I think Jennel's feet
Are stuck to the grass

Yep they're not moving

Pick em up and put em down little one
Or the tickle bug will get you

Ooops here he comes now!!!!!!

Beyond this picture
There is a little girl just like me
Waiting to step out of her bad dream too

I sure hope she finds her way
Cause this feels oh so nice

Coming Daddy . . . .

Oh Daddy
I'm coming!

This little girl has found her way
To step beyond her picture
Into a beautiful new life

Won't you help another little one
To find their way?

Please report child abuse!

Thinking Caps Challenge
Host Tiny Teddy

Word ... picture


Ray Charles * Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Thinking Caps (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Thinking Caps (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Thinking Caps (challenge has been closed)

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