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Dreams and Desolation
I gaze to a road before me,
It stretches under a warm days glow.
An endless sky of brilliant color-
Touches the green leaves of a tree, the ground, and every living thing.
One of the living, I was told, will take my hand until it's time to go;
I close my eyes in the reflection of the sky; a slight breeze begins to blow.

Standing in brevity, the pith is known,
Though so capricious is time, my thought has gone.
I envision walking on the road poised and resolute.
No interlarded obstacles form a bastion in front of me;
Fields of abundant joy and streams of dreams rule my thought;
Unable to see them now, in certitude I will, when I'm with you.

Farther and farther I go, under the days glow;
The colorful light touches my face and all those I know.
Searching the ineffable, I do not know, I begin yearning an unknown.
I'm expecting answers but you are far ahead;
You are leaving the reach of my view, through winding canyons, I now pursue.
Those not following are lost from my view.

Off on the horizon I begin to see, inevitable mountains surrounding me;
My longevity will get me through, no worry does ensue;
The night has yet come to be, I will see you.
I'm now reaching the lofty cliffs, outlandish and implausible they do seem;
Oh now rigid rocks are scraping me, I am beset by my inanity.
Striving and toiling I climb the highest mountain and search below.

Before me is a barren desert that stretches to the night;
My lone voice roars through the silence of the open land-
And echoes onto the canyons of unanswered desires.
Despite sore feet traveling a distance unknown, I still haven't found you.
I take shelter under a withering tree, who will save me?
Winds pick up coarse sand and squalor me.

Desperately I'm looking behind, what path do I do different?
I'm stopped by a constant mountain, I cannot return the same way,
I am left to face night's chill and hope for day.
I wanted your joy under this sun, but this sky I realize is done.
I have one last hope I keep to my soul
That to be quenched, you first must thirst.

The sky now a cool evening glow, it will soon go.
Familiar faces left will not be seen,
I cannot recognize even my own.
I will not find my way on my own,
Salvation for me is unbeknown.
I now have abandoned myself in desolation.

Upon my road under a fading glow, I see a peculiar figure.
Walking out from the night is a man of age, dressed in rags;
Cadaverous at first glance, grayed hair, with a scruffy drained face;
He carries himself by misery's embrace, his eyes with an inscrutable stare.
He is ahead of my time; he sheers me with his familiar blue eyes as we pass, as if of the sky.
I'm suddenly awake, I'm now standing facing my previous path!

Before my eyes stretches a waiving field with a single tree,
Next to it is an endless stream of rushing waters;
The sky has a new color, a new light, overwhelmingly bright.
The night is behind me, moving over me, but a new dawn is coming.
They sky has fallen, or no, I have moved!
I'm now looking into the eyes of the sky, knowing you.

By James Gizik

© 2011 James Gizik (All rights reserved)


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