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Broom Stick Horse


Surely, I say on this
Bright sunny day
My memories have
Some remorse
Yet none were so rotten
Or will ever be forgotten
Than when I rode my broom stick horse

I would gallop through canyons
Of ye old living room
Escaping a parent with a paddle
While riding my most gallant broom
It was much too easy to straddle

Off to the back yard my
Stallion would scramble
My steed had a mane of straw
Never challenge the cap gun kid
He was much too fast on the draw

Shooting birds and squirrels
And surly cats on a fence
I rode like the wind of the South
And a yippee ki yay
It was my kind of day
Elation came pouring from my mouth

One memory always creeps in
That I shall never, ever ignore
Would that I could, I would
Mother used my golden straw stallion
To sweep her old kitchen floor

Therein lies the rub

Who was that masked kid?
He just rode his stick horse through
My flower bed…

Smiley Moon

By Bubby

© 2011 Bubby (All rights reserved)


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