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Your beauty shines

Each day my beautiful blossom you grow more beautiful to me
Your loving eyes so soft and intensely gazing deep into mine
I love watching the beauty in your eyes as they sparkle with love
The gentle way that you smile at me full of so much warmth
As a token of my love, I wanted you to have this sweet rose

I feel your warm soft breath so close to mine as you speak
Your voice so full of love for me as you look deep into my eyes
My sweet blossom each day I am so deeply in love with you
Our heartbeats always touch and so lovingly begin to entwine
Feeling and tasting the softness of your lovingly lips on mine

Slow and ever so gently stroking your hair and face so smooth
As we slow dance ever so slowly as our bodies begin to move
Come into my loving arms blossom let me see your gorgeous smile
Feeling our heartbeats so close together as they sweetly entwine
My lips softly touching yours as we breath one another in
Each kiss becoming so intoxicating and so slow and sweet

Feel my deep and strong love and warmth I feel so strong
My fingers gently traces your lips as I kiss your mouth
My hands running so softly on you as I caress your face and hair
Your beauty shines so beautiful in the softness of the light
Together basking in the deep love each day together we share

By Starlight1

© 2011 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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