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Children Of Today.

What does a child do?
Who do they talk to?
Times life can be like climbing a hill so steep
A child growing up in a world those things are so deep
So dark so sad is the world today
What does a child say?
They can be good kids raised up in church
A child for something on there mind they search.

They watch T.V.and hears of so much violence in the world
Trying to grow up in between being a young lady and still a little girl
Or a young boy trying to grow up is a young man
A child who knows to there parents they can reach out there hand
Yes as some children know
But as time goes by as the child grows
They might get in with the wrong group as they learn different things each day
They might be on the computer to much and the wrong games they might play.

They decide to do what is on there mind
As there minds need to unwind
Some run far away
Children that are growing each day
Some are never found at all
Some jump off a cliff don't even think of there fall.

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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