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'Mistress To The Wind'
She always loved the wind;
she said it spoke to her
with wisdom borne of ancient times
and happenings on Earth.

They seemed like a happy pair,
the carefree wind and she;
it lifted her auburn hair
as she walked along the sea.

The raucous cry of Gulls,
and the noises of the sea,
orchestrated her daily walks
along the Gulfshore lea.

Ancient lore has rumors that
restless spirits walk the wind
those that hear its ancient voice
spend eternity therein.

He would walk with her at times
along the windswept shore
they'd walk together, holding hands
in a place they both adored.

The wind is an endless force
without starting point or end;
we mortals have a shorter span
of life here in this land.

And when her time here was at end
He loosed her ash at sea
where she'd be borne upon the wind
for all eternity.

And now his days and nights are long,
his loneliness has no end;
but He finds comfort in the thought
of his mistress in the wind.

By Ron Cole

© 2011 Ron Cole (All rights reserved)


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