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What a terrible thought I had today
As the cars went zipping by
Although we were going the legal speed
One by one past us they swiftyly flied

I watched some cars go whizzing along
With no regard for the legal limit
For others, They didn't have a care
They just had to somehow save a minute

I watched them all go speeding by
Without one thought or a touch of conscience
They just had to get somewhere fast
No matter if there is a fatal consequence from it

Then, I begin to picture them in my mind
As they drove on the interstate so fast
But no longer in their fast, sleek machines
Now sitting on car seats with a steering wheel in hand Egads

There they went zipping by so uncaring Just driving too fast
Nonchalantly seated, unbelted, on their seats with no protection now
One little mistake would be their undoing
As through the air their bodies would become flying projectile's


Then, with a start, I came back to myself
Shuddering deep inside for all those that whizzed by
SO fast they go Not thinking for even a moment
How fast their lives could be snuffed out like a candle's fragile light


Very sobering thoughts I just had today
As people drive way too fast just about every day
So like those I pictured without cars they whiz by
Never realizing That today could be Their Last Day


By Bunnilady

© 2011 Bunnilady (All rights reserved)


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