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I'm After You
you honestly get kicks out of this?
beating an innocent victim,
that never did a thing,
your a cruel bit**,
rot in a ditch,
my anger grows towards you,
as you pull your trigger,
your greedy,
I hope you get locked away,
I seem so mean,
but your the one that did the wrong thing,
you should be tortured until you can't even breathe,
I hate to say such an awful thing,
but I speak for myself and this is what I believe,
I shout it to the world,
make you the hated through every eye,
what would you do,
I hope you piss your pants when you hear my footsteps,
cause I'm after you,
and there's nothing you can do but scream.

By mystic waters

© 2011 mystic waters (All rights reserved)


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