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I'm haten on Emm
my rhymes are wack,
they give me a smack,
talent doesn't just walk through your door,
take a seat an say Imma make you famous,
you gotta work to be the best,
I'm nothing I admit that,
I won't work for my dreams to spark,
it's my price to pay for the mistakes I've made,
but I won't pay a bit of respect to all if those who did nothing to be who they are,
I'm haten on on the celebrities,
is that such a crime?
normal people like you and I are punished for things,
but they do drugs or something an get off clean,
while we thrown in jail to rot away,
celebrities are sh** don't you say?
we have to work hard to get what we want,
hobos beg on the street for some change,
I'd give it all if I had enough to give,
but I'm broke,
Our government is crashing,
but they take everything we need,
our money our jobs,
they are the lowest of all lows,
none of what I'm saying means a thing to you,
it jumps from this to that,
sorry I couldn't focus on one thing,
but life has to many different points,
I could go on forever just to get it across.

By mystic waters

© 2011 mystic waters (All rights reserved)


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