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Happy Easter Every One.

Happy Easter everyone
Enjoy Easter have some fun
Start the day with a prayer
Thank Jesus for Him being every where
Thank Jesus for dying on that cross that day on Calvary
Thank Him for dying for you and me
And as you watch the children look for Easter Eggs in fun
I wish a Happy Easter to everyone
Some might have a big dinner of ham or what ever you might have
Just remember Jesus is the reason we celebrates and be glad
Many start Easter morning by going to church
Many will turn there life to Jesus then no more for piece do they search

My prayer this Easter morning is for everyone
I pray we all have a blessed Easter and also join in some fun
I pray this Easter many will turn to Jesus above
Many will turn to find Jesus true love
Many will turn from being lost and be found
I pray for the world as each day it goes round
I pray for the ones in the Military
For there families
For the ones who might be going through abuse yes even on Easter Sunday
Extra prayers for them I pray
I pray for no one to be alone
For a friend to stop by or a call on there phone
Happy Easter everyone
Enjoy Easter have some fun.

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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