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Not Pretty Enough
they look at her in disgrace,
is she as bad as they say?
she doesn't have a pretty face,
but why treat her this way,
shes not trash,
you can't just push her away,
what do you think goes through her mind when you say these things?
how shes not good enough,
and how she shouldn't even breathe,
she's not beautiful like you hoped she'd be,
but she's still human and that won't change,
a broken heart she holds,
but you only laugh cause she cries,
it's not as funny as you think,
you call her a freak when she scars her wrist,
but you only forced her to do this,
she's never kissed a guy,
or even felt the touch,
is it because she's ugly?
you look at her like she's the most hideous thing you've ever seen,
how do you think she feels,
she chooses to hurt herself because of what she believes,
to injure her body because she's not pretty enough for anybody.

By mystic waters

© 2011 mystic waters (All rights reserved)


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