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Prayers For Dorothy (libra)

Dear Lord a special prayer today
For my sister Dorothy (libra) extra prayers I pray

She had to go to the hospital late in the night
Dear Lord please helps her to be alright

She is my younger blood sister
Many times our minds have went round like a twister

We pray for each other and been down some hard roads in life
Extra prayers she'd pray for me when I became an abused wife

Extra prayers I prayed for her when she got the answer
That yes she did have cancer

And we both thank the Lord and praise His Holy name
As the cancer he took away from her and took her pain

Now we don't know the problem but at first though it was her heart
Dear Lord please touch her heal my sister for we have a sisters love that won't part

Dear Lord I say extra prayers and send to heaven above
Please heal my sister as I pray and send thanks and my love

Please take away her pain as you took her cancer
From the Dr. Today please give us a good answer

We are sister’s times we disagree
Through things I'm there for her she's always there for me.

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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