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For an Angel at Starlite Cafe

Angels walk these Starlite Cafe halls
Much is contained within these walls
One among us never forgets to pray
And wish us the best each and every day

Her name is 'Mary' or 'Just Little Me'
We are blessed to call her our friend you see
No one else is more compassionate to others
All are her family, many sisters and brothers

On this special day of her precious birth
We want her to know true value of her worth
So Mary kick up your heels, and sing a song
All these many people just can't be wrong

God has blessed you and brought you through
He let us know your friendship loving and true
He has blessed us by having you here in our midst
You are an earth angel who by God was kissed

I hope your birthday is full of surprises galore
Lots of chocolate to eat and people you adore
Laughter and happiness your cup will overflow
Each day your blessings will continue to grow.

Norma Duncan aka Mistymaiden
May 2011

By Mistymaiden

© 2011 Mistymaiden (All rights reserved)


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