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The Forgotten Road


God let me always take the road less followed, the one almost

forgotten now in this busy bustling landscape of highways and turnpikes

The road less taken, that one that wanders across the heartland of America,

Past crumbling barns, with falling shutters, gaping windows

Now unloved, unwanted, like ghosts in some forgotten story of the past

Past fertile fields, where golden grain once waved, past corn fields long deserted,

Past rotten cattle guards, and broken down rusty tractors ,

mute evidence of a way of life once loved and lived with joy.

Past small ponds where the rope still hangs from the old oak tree, once small boys

swung naked and dropped to bask in the waters below, refuge from the hot hot

summer sun

Past old one horse towns where courthouses and post offices shared the same dingy

white building , while in the courthouse square, old men sat and napped, drooling in

their sleep

The memories of hay rides, square dances, and first kisses behind the old barn assail

my mind, triggering other scenes, Sunday picnics, summer concerts in the park, and one

room schoolhouses and Christmas geese , forgotten treasures on the avenue of time

Now in the December of my life, please God , let me travel the road less taken

even tho it lies buried beneath winter snows and the walking gets harder every day

I still want to see that long forgotten gravel winding country road , the one that leads

me home, just this one last time before it is my time to go

By jollynoblefrog

© 2011 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)