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For every sun set there is love

When the moon is out for the night is clear yet it's a good night for a moon light sail for when will one feel the touch of love for once heart is crying for the touch of once love for every sun set the sun shall shine for there is where one will feel the touch of love.

For every sun set for there is a special rose that one call the love rose for a rose is love for one to pick a rose who's heart will feel the touch and yet it's like being kiss by a rose of love time is standing still but for the heart there is love.

Every beautiful sound that one hear is the whisper rose saying i love you for every rose may it touch your heart for love is here for who will share that special love for every sun set the birds shall sing the most beautiful love song for your heart.

To love is to want to be love for only the sun will fill once heart for the sun shall warm your heart but one will sing the song of love from once heart for every walk threw the park one will feel the love in the air yet the smile on once face is the touch of love.

For every min that you sing the more the wonderful sound of the breeze whisper your name some where in the air is your true love for one hold the key for you hold the lock thus when a rose bloom for it bloom with love in it's leafs for every sun set there is love.

Oh what a wonderful morning for beautiful day in the park for who will be touch with the love that will fill their heart for only the sound of the whisper breeze shall bring the love to once heart for who wait for love shall be kiss by the sun for every sun set there is love.

Copy Right 2011
Written By
Raymond Sawyer

By black star

© 2011 black star (All rights reserved)


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