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The call of the whispering wind

Every night your window is open for the night wind whisper the name of your love for who will be your true love for only the wind will know the call of the whispering wind does one heart answer the wonderful call of love for who call the empty heart.

To dance is like dancing with the wolves for love has touch your heart for every night your heart beat the sound of love yet the one in your dream come to hold your hand thus when the call of the whispering wind is the call of your heart .

To walk the hill side is walking with love thus the hills is green for your eyes are blue for blue sky is for a true love let your heart beat the beautiful sound of love in the hills for some where your true love shall come at your door the call of the whispering wind.

The flame of love is the flame of love for every flame that burn shall light the heart for whom lit the candle for every beautiful smile for your heart shall open to love and yet for the call of the whispering wing wish to give your love to the one who love you.

For every empty heart there is darkness for one who's heart is feel with love is the light of happiness for every day one sit alone for the call of the whispering wind for one will hear the sound of i love you with a sweet whisper for it's your heart that the whispering wind is calling.

When time slip by for the whispering wind slip in with the touch of love may every birds sing the sweet song of love you your heart is special good night thy sweet love for it's time for you to sleep for here is a kiss for the call of the whispering wind is calling.

Copy Right2011
Written By
Raymond Sawyer

By black star

© 2011 black star (All rights reserved)


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