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Dear Jesus We Need You.
What’s this world coming to?
So many lie you never who is true

Having sex before marriage like that can’t wait
In this world there too much hate

Who is cheating on who?
Someone abuses and hurts you

Lying and cheating seems to go round
Killing children’s as little bodies found buried underground

People kill you over a nickel or dime
Happens all the time

People kill over the color of your skin
If you’re to fat or to thin

Of course the world is falling apart
We need to take Jesus in our hearts

There seems to be no more control no one follows Jesus golden rules
They take prayer out of the schools

Seems many don’t take a minute two
To say Dear Jesus in our life we need you

Seems they take Jesus out
Where praise to Jesus we should all shout

All Jesus wants is your love
He watches over us from heaven above

He loves you and your sins He will forgive
For you His life He did give

A better world we want to live in
A world without sin

Someday that will be
As in heaven Jesus has a mansion for you and for me

Only in heaven will there be no sin al all
But our life’s here on earth we should still stand tall

Put Jesus back in things don’t take him out more each day
And take a minute or two and pray

Thank Jesus for all things big or small
Thank Jesus and praise him most of all

Jesus lives in my heart He loves me with a love so true
As I love him and I hope you do.

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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