Echo of a Memory
Hanging dead on the echo of a memory;
The bloody hearts beat once again with sorrow.
Faded thoughts sever the mind for eternity;
While death hangs heavy over tomorrow.
Rejoicing blackbirds sing a song of pain,
And the snakes of hell crawl from their holes.
The cawing of ravens sickens the sane;
As little bits of space rains down souls.
Rancid thoughts lay deceased at the steps of hell;
And the crimson sea reaches for humanity.
Forgot in time everything fell;
While darkness crept up to meet insanity.
I was awaken by the scream of a broken dream.
Dead on the doorstop of human mistake.
Severed limbs swung unseen;
As we are pulled into the fiery lake.

June 1, 2011

Written for Starstruck13's Challenge 'I Was Awaken'

By Amara13

© 2011 Amara13 (All rights reserved)


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