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When I see the empty store fronts,
the vacant homes, it makes me sad.
There is something happening in our Country
that is going very bad.
When I see blank windows staring
like hollow eyes awaiting death
I grow concerned about tomorrow
and what is going to happen next…
A chill of fear stirs in me
that feels a lot like death’s
cold chill has come creeping
across our once proud land
as I hear discouraged conversations from
most every woman, child and man.
It seems folks have stopped their dreaming.
They are losing faith and hope
and worrying tomorrow
not knowing how they’ll cope.
When I see families living
in back alleys on our streets
and see those little children
who have no food to eat,
or any safe shelter,
or a warm place to sleep.
I think, “What were we thinking”
when these wrong choices we made…
And I think we’ve made a lot of them
and now we’re going to pay.
When I see factories no longer open
because the jobs went overseas
yet our own folks can’t find a job,
there seems something wrong to me.
When I see our young folks hanging out
in gangs along the street,
it seems to me something’s gone wrong
and life is not so sweet…
When I see old folks abandoned,
left lonely and alone,
I ponder the direction
it seems our Land has gone.
Something has surely gone amiss,
our ways are badly flawed
and somehow I think the reason is
we have abandoned God.
We kicked God out, oh foolish pride,
instead of following, trusting Him
and something is very wrong here now…
Look at the mess we’re in.
I don’t know how we’ll fix it;
our world so gone astray,
but I believe, truly believe,
God is the only way.

By Annie

© 2011 Annie (All rights reserved)


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