From the distance of a great loneliness
Why americans think for themselves

As always
Gun runners whiskey traders and bible thumpers
Are running the world
Only their names change

50 or 60 of Sitting Bull's warriors
Had Henry repeating rifles
Custer didn't know he had no chance
He didn't get to be president

The German consensus of opiinion
Gave them Hitler when the mark went bad
they were killed in war, starved in work camps etc.
Faithful to the end it seems

The Russian consensus of opinion
Followed Stalin who killed millions
In war and in the gulags
When no one had any rubles

Never trust a consensus of opinion
It seems they are often unsustainable

The Italian consensus of opinion
Followed Mussolini
They were murdered and pillaged
As are all victims of war

Who is it trying to kill us
Is it our own negligence?
You say it can't happen to us
Because we believe in Jesus Christ

So did they may it be so

Good luck------we need good people
My mother never felt good enough
Afraid of what other people might think
She would have made a fine public servant

(' A will'o the wisp' means to be deluded
by false hopes and goals. I guess that means
a guy lke me who would like to be a poet.'

By Star Rover

© 2011 Star Rover (All rights reserved)


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