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I think that I will never understand human suffering
Lost hopes and dreams floating away in a river
Cascading around rocks that pound at your heart

Tiny babies left to cry into the night
No arms to comfort and nurture them
Little children raped and forgotten, always alone

Human suffering, can anyone understand it?
Wounded soldiers left with hidden scars
Invading their hearts for years to come

Poverty everywhere with people going hungry
As they starve their lives away
Existing in huts and living on polluted water

Human suffering is all around us
But we have become so immune to it
It passes us by without even a thought

Turning our hearts into cold bricks of steel
Damaging our souls as we live without compassion
Closing are eyes when they are still open

Human suffering lingers at our fingertips
As we drift through our lives without a care
Thinking we will forever be insulated and secure

Walking past broken people as we turn our heads
Never seeing the pain burning in their eyes
As we look at the next purchase we think we “need”

Human suffering, I will never understand it
Maybe in the next life I will know
But today it brings tears to my heart and I bleed

Then one day you see a mirror and the reflection belongs to you
And you realize your life was not insulated at all
As human suffering now is yours
And you are alone

Written for Kajuncutie's
'Anything Goes Challenge'

By carmurr

© 2011 carmurr (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Anything Goes - with Kajuncutie (Myrna D.) (challenge has been closed)

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