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Life goes on, no one cares.
Hours seem endless since you said goodbye,
People pass, they don't know,
I'm so lonely that I could cry.

Zetta, Zetta, oh, my love,
The hours I spent with you are gone.
I stay awake from dusk to dawn.
Zetta though you never stayed,
Your picture in my mind will never fade.

The orange color of fall,
The winter's blanket of snow,
The robin's music in spring,
And summer's cheerful glow,
They keep your beauty in my memory alive,
And in my dreams I wonder,
Could our love revive?

Zetta, Zetta, life is strange.
Because you gave me every sign,
You made my future seems so fine.
Yet you left me, my one world bereft me,
Zetta, Zetta, my Zetta.

from Verses & Lyrics
c Copyright 2006 Zishan Evans

By zishane

© 2014 zishane (All rights reserved)


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