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Mothers of the Earth

Where women were so powerful
and yet so undiscovered
At times when truth and honor
came from those that mothered
For history written many times
would minimize their roles
And only speak of land or power
instead of love of souls
So on and on, we read our past
we reckon as would men
but absent from the history
is the power of the women
Brought to earth by labor pains
are daughters and sons to serve
While mothers pain of suffering
give not the dues deserved
Without the love of mother to child
and child to mother with respect
those who stood for freedom then
should not feel free in retrospect
Gather round, for the times of past
and consider the needs at their birth
what brought the world life back then
were the mothers of the earth.

Give to them the charms of love
they'll take it with modest grace
they need not land, power or goods
they need only their childrens' face
Would history be a different book
if written by the mourning mothers
who lost their children needlessly
while protecting all of the others
The greatest of all sacrifices
come when a life is lost
should the loss be our children,
if we will never learn the cost?
And men with power absorbed in fight
have given of themselves to command
to pointlessly discard love of soul and
Forsaking mothers in every land
We are one and one we are
when love is what directs our heart
Can man and woman live as one
if women played a more vital part?
Gather round, for the times of now
and consider the needs of our birth
what brings the world life today
are the mothers of this earth.

By conniej

© 2011 conniej (All rights reserved)


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