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A garden is not a garden unless it has got a fence.
Where you can do your garden and talk some commonsense.
I said this to Henrietta just the other day,
Whilst we were having tea.

Of course she said I entirely agree.
A garden is a private place for you to share with those you trust,
Not for all and sundry to look at when they're going to catch a bus

I said, no a garden's not a garden unless it's got a fence
People walking by talking a load of gibbering nonsense.
Henrietta said, yes I entirely agree.
Why should people look in on all your lovely scenery.
Yes all the lovely colours and beauty to behold.
Henry said, do you know Henrietta, I think I am getting a cold.

A garden is no good without a fence
It let's all the wind come sailing in,
It knocks all your prize flower's down,
Do you know Henrietta, a person just can't win.

Another cup of tea? Said Henrietta.
If I may said Henry, I'll have a biscuit too,
Then perhaps I'll fix the fence.

Henrietta said I entirely agree with you,
A garden is not a garden if it hasn't got a fence.

By listener

© 2011 listener (All rights reserved)


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