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The Art of Letting Go

Looking straight into my eyes,
He told me things I've heard before.
But I felt a tremor in his heart,
Awakening the voice of my inner fears once more.

Standing so close to me,
He held my clammy hands.
His grasp was surprisingly gentle,
Too gentle yet quite distant.

Searching behind those deep brown eyes,
What have I been missing there?
Or is it the way he held my hands?
Together with his unusually blank stare?

Embracing me tight all of a sudden,
He caught me by surprise.
Recently, why the strange gestures?
Is he saying goodbye?

Biting my lips, fighting back tears,
The questions are too painful to say,
So before I lose my courage, before I beg him to stay,
I'll just turn my back and walk away.

By dark_angel28

© 2011 dark_angel28 (All rights reserved)


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