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If Trees Could Talk

I wonder if the trees could talk
Would they tell about the breeze?
Would they talk about the sunshine?
Or of their many different leaves?

Would they talk about that woodpecker
That's roosted on their limb?
Or maybe devise a brilliant plan
To rid themselves of him

Would they tell us of their thirst?
And celebrate the rain
Would they talk about their fear of fire?
And how they hate the flame

Would they talk about the winter?
How it robs them of their shields
As the winter breeze scatter their leaves
Across the barren fields

Would they talk about the summer heat?
And the sacrifices they've made
As they hold their limbs high and strong
To cast our needed shade

Would they talk about their Creator?
Who rules from Heaven above
And profess undying gratitude
And their never ending love

By Whiskurz

© 2011 Whiskurz (All rights reserved)


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