Nobody Wants To Die!


I've thought about death
I've thought about dying
I've watched others die
While I stood by crying

I've heard healthy people say
I've heard them profess
'Can't wait to get to heaven'
Would the truth they'd confess

If a thousand angels came
Sang in a thousand voices
Took a thousand up to heaven
Picked in general were their choices

Would we run to greet them
With flailing arms, 'take me!'
Or would we fade into oblivion
Hoping the angels wouldn't see

I doubt there would be too many
Unless ridden with too much pain
When there's no hope for recovery
They'd allow the angels to claim

I've heard people say
'I'm worthless! I should be dead'
And yet, if we'd try to kill them
They'd surely take off our heads

The length of our lives is not in our hands
When we die is not ours at all to command
Life is worth fighting for no matter what
Even if there are times we may not understand

Nobody wants to die!

By Adele Kaye

© 2011 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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