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All Angels At The Starlite Cafe.
All angels at the starlite cafe
Please gather round and pray

For my great nephew-Dakota Ron Lee Clark please pray for him
As together we turn to Jesus once again

Let's send many prayers to heavens door
He is a miracle baby that is for sure

He only weights 1 and half lbs at birth
God send him earlier then they though to earth

Dakota started gaining weight he is 4lbs-1/2 oz now and doing good in many ways
Now the Dr. said he might need surgery today

He is very special to his family
Only now the Dr. said he could go blind without the surgery

Tammy his mother (my niece) couldn't even have a baby they have told her for years
But see God had his plans for her to have Dakota who is such a little dear.

All angels at the starlite cafe
Please gather round and pray

That he will get through the surgery
If surgery is needed so he can see

Dear Lord as many of us gathers in prayers
From almost every where

From mountain top to valleys so low
Dear Lord please touch him from his head to his toes

We reach out our hands and join in and pray
Extra prayers for little Dakota Ron Lee Clark today.

Dear Lord please bring him though this ok
And be with his mother -Tammy as we send prayers right away.

By Just little me

© 2011 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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