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Into Ecstasy

Liquid love flows between our tongues and lips
and slow sweet kisses dissolve in our breath,
we drink the luscious red wine into our hearts
and it sends us away to another place.

Amidst the lush green of a dark mystical forest
and a full moon in a slow dreamy haze,
we caress and slide into the skin of the night
and devour each others' flesh and dream.

We feel the heartbeat and rhythm of the trees
as they whisper their eternities under our skin;
sacred heartfelt blessings is what they keep
as the wind gently caresses our nakedness.

The swollen moon dissolves in our eyes,
and in our blood it sings its heaven sweet;
your luscious kisses are smooth and sublime,
and into the night we slowly slide.

The glorious stars sing and spin in the air
as we drink the wine of our warm liquid love;
in the lush and green we consume flesh and dream
and dive into wondrous seas of ecstasy.

By dissolvedlines

© 2011 dissolvedlines (All rights reserved)


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