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Bushland Play

Deep amidst enchanted woods
where sweetest flowers grow,
in lush green forest of delight,
Kate wandered long ago.

There, 'neath a mighty river gum,
Kate spied a kangaroo.
Quite still she stood, just watching ,
Daddy taught her what to do.

The soft-eared doe looked all around,
sniffing the sweet bush air.
Sensing no danger near at hand,
just a child with spun gold hair.

she reached inside her furry pouch,
where her joey had been sleeping.
Two pointy ears emerged at last,
two bright eyes , waking, peeping.

Entranced, the little girl kept watch
as joey tumbled out.
He stretched long gawky tangled limbs,
scratched soft grey ears and snout.

His mummy showed him lovely things
young kangaroos might munch;
young tender leaves, some juicy shoots
and roots safest to crunch.

It must have been at least an hour
Kate watched the joey play.
Tired sun was setting in the west,
signaling end of day.

Knowing she must homeward turn
well ere the sun did set,
as parents want their children safe
and Mummy must not fret.

Reluctant, Kate turned to leave,
wishing she could remain;
but 'roo and human mums know best
and she could come here again.

It seemed the kangaroo mum winked,
shaking her dainty head,
for time was coming when all young
should be safe at home in bed.

Another for Deb
with love and blessings...

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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