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I Wave Good-bye
Your moaning does not lighten the dark,
nor does it entice me to smile
in return.
Perhaps, in some small way, you bore me.
I wave good-bye.
It feels right.
Sometimes to move forward we must
force out shades that
should belong
in our past.
Knowing that you would hear my words,
but would be blind to
understanding them.
When we were of younger age,
we would dissipate
like vapourous
lonely beings.
I wave good-bye.
It is what must be done.
Moan at somebody else
from now on. I'm pulsating
with the anticipation
of being me in the NOW.
What a lovely word.
I wave good-bye

By Chris G Vaillancourt

© 2011 Chris G Vaillancourt (All rights reserved)


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